Dome® 2

Dome® 2
Dome® 2
Dome® 2
Dome® 2
Dome® 2
Dome® 2

*30 Day Money
Back Guarantee


Military grade composite!

24% better shock dissipation compared to typical OEM insoles

Unmatched cushioning comfort for more end-of-day energy

Reduces foot, ankle, knee and lower back pain / discomfort

Users report feeling “so comfortable,” like they are “floating”

Runners report being able to run farther, faster with less discomfort

*Compared to hats without DOME

Best Suited For: Baseball, Softball


Protection like never before!

Reduces acceleration, absorbs/disperses force

Drops into virtually any soft cotton hat

Ultralight, weighs less than 4 oz

One size, can be trimmed for custom fit

Comfortable, flexible, wearable

Built-in air spaces and channels for comfort ventilation

Medical Assurance Policy available


“My son has tried it on with his hat and mentioned that it was lighter than he expected which is great news because my son is very finicky when it comes to his baseball gear.”
— Robert / Verified Purchaser

Dome® 2


Dome® 2

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The Unequal Dome2 is serious protection in a light-weight liner you add to soft cotton baseball hats to reduce concussion risk from come-backers, thrown bats and other accidents on the field. Designed with ventilation spaces for air-cooled comfort. Nuro® Tech bolsters confidence and reduces worry. With technology featured on ESPN OTL and MLB Network, it simply drops into your hat as a concealed protective layer. It can effect the fit of your hat and you may have to go up a hat size, but it's worth it! Trim as needed. Made with a military grade, patented composite fortified with TriDur™ aramid fabric. 

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